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The school community at Milton Public School has a compulsory uniform.  The school colours are royal blue and gold.

The purposes of the uniform dress code are:

  • to create a sense of collective and individual pride in students and increase their sense of identification with the school
  • to remove the sense of competition in dress, which can often cause distress among students, and
  • to improve the safety of Milton Public School students by making them instantly recognisable in any group while on school excursions.

The P&C has approved this uniform and the details are as outlined below. 

Acquisition of School Uniforms:

Milton boys' and girls' uniform components are available online at  Link

Uniforms are also available from 

Reflections of Spirit Milton

Rapt Bratz Ulladulla

Second-hand Uniforms:

A large range of good quality second-hand uniforms are available from Op Shops in both Milton and Ulladulla.

HATBucket hat or broad-brimmed hat available for sale from the school's front office or through the businesses listed above

BOYS                                                                         GIRLS


Gold Collared T-Shirt                            Comb. 1        Blue & Gold Plaid Patterned Tunic

Grey Shorts                                                                White Socks/Black Shoes

White Socks/Black Shoes    

                                                             Comb. 2         Gold Collared T-Shirt

                                                                                    Blue & Gold Plaid Patterned Dress Shorts

                                                                                    White Socks/Black Shoes


Gold Collared T-Shirt/Skivvy               Comb. 1        Gold Collared T-Shirt/Skivvy

Royal Blue Track Suit                                                Royal Blue Track Suit

White Socks/Black Shoes                                          White Socks/Black Shoes


Gold Collared T-Shirt/Skivvy               Comb. 2        Gold Collared T-Shirt/Skivvy

Royal blue jacket/jumper                                          Royal blue jacket/jumper

Grey Shorts/Long Pants                                           Blue & Gold Plaid Patterned Dress  Shorts

White Socks/Black Shoes                                                or Long grey pants

                                                                                 White Socks/Black Shoes

Milton Public School Uniform.

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